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policy information.

Here you can find all information regarding my policies, procedures and any additional details regarding my services. If you do not see an answer to your question below, kindly contact me and I will answer as soon as possible!


Please read carefully. Must submit policy contract below 48 hrs before trial date or date subject to rescheduling.


Appointments must be made at least 60 days before wedding date. Please make sure you complete the policy contract at the bottom of the page. It is required to be completed 48 hours before the day of the trial or trial services cannot be rendered and the trial will need to be rescheduled. Come prepared with clean washed skin. You may use moisturizer, however, please allow at least on hour of absorption before appointment. 


In full consideration for all services rendered by the Artist at the location, the Client agrees to make the following payment in U.S funds to the Artist. At the event on the set date of services needed, the Client will pay the Artist the balance of the services rendered in cash, check, venmo or cashapp. 

Retainer Fee:

Client will pay a nonrefundable 50$ booking fee to secure the date. In addition the client will pay a $100 retainer fee that will go toward to the final cost on the day of.

Full Day Services:

$80 per hour starting after the bridal party has been completed.

Travel Rate (2024 IRS rate):

Free within a 10 mile radius of 19067. Additional $.67/mile after that. Will not travel more than 100 miles one way without additional accommodation in the form of plane, hotel etc



In the event the Client cancels less than 30 days prior to the scheduled date, client will lose the retainer made to the Artist. Upon the loss of retainer, Client will have no further liability to Artist hereunder. 


Late & Early Fees:

If the Client arrives more than 30 minutes late to time of service, $50 will be charged as a late fee per every half hour. In addition, if a bridal party is required to be completed on a strict time schedule, the Client understands that timing is subject to change upon any lateness concurrent with the parties availability. An early fee of $50 will be charged if start time of makeup is earlier than 7am with an assistant.


Artist availability could depend upon the rare possibility of conflicting film contracts. In the event the Artist themselves could not render services, they guarantee to have a replacement Artist of the same level of artistry available, a free trial with new artist within 30 days of date and a full refund of any retainers and/or booking fees.  In addition, the Artist’s obligation to give services hereunder is also subject to the unavailability of the Artist as a result of sickness, accidents and other reasons beyond the Artist’s control in which case the client would then also receive a full refund of any retainers and/or booking fees.

Day Of:

Wanting you to look your absolute best is my goal. Sometimes things like phone calls, conversations and outside distractions can happen while everyone is buzzing getting ready for your wonderful day! I ask kindly and respectfully that during your session, you have your go to person available to keep the distraction at a minimum and someone who can answer phone calls, questions etc. This is strictly to ensure not only a perfect outcome of your makeup, but also a calm and peaceful moment to yourself.  


 Do's & Don'ts

-Do get excited for a relaxing and feel good experience.

-Do bring a lip product with you that you can use for the event. Brides receive touchup items.

-Do tell me of any and all allergies you have, food related or not. 

-Do bring inspiration photos of looks you like and of looks you wear daily.

-Do come prepared with a clean, freshly washed face.

-Do drink plenty of water leading up to your big day.

-Do use your daily moisturizer, allow to sit for 1 hour before appointment.

-Don't use any peels, clay masks, sheet masks less than 48 hours to your appointment.

-Don't use any creams or skincare products except moisturizer the day of your appointment.

-Don't believe everything you see on social media, lighting and photo shop are powerful and need to be considered at all times when searching for inspiration.



One on one private consultation will be determined by the necessity of the Client. Minimum 1hr booking. Travel not included, please refer to travel section located under Bridal/Beauty. This personal session includes all of my beauty tools, access to my entire luxury kit as well as a full breakdown of items and education on whatever you need help with. This also includes my high beauty chair and professional lighting.

Makeup Class

Basic Class:

2.5 hours, 3-6 people per class,  each participant will have their own mirror and set up, bring your own makeup to learn simple everyday makeup along with understanding your tools, deep dive into education and hands on learning with products, introduction to color theory and basic application techniques

Advanced Class:

3 hours, 3-6 people per class, each participant will have their own mirror and set up, bring your own makeup as well as have access to my full kit, editorial/full glam style class to learn more complicated application techniques including graphic liner, contour, extensive color theory and more

Basic Special FX Class:

3 hours, 3-6 people per class, will supply everything, each participant will have their own mirror and set up, learn how to do basic special fx such as cuts, burns, bruises and scrapes and basic introduction to platinum silicone 

Advanced Special FX Class:

3.5 hours, 3-6 people per class, will supply everything, each participant will have their own mirror and set up, learn how to paint and apply prosthetics, apply a bald cap and introduction to mold making

Policy Contract

Thank you!

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